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The top real estate agents don't wing it

We deploy and install content and marketing automation to double your conversion allowing you to increase your revenue, have more control over your time, and finally run a business that is built on consistency. 

A simple step by step process

To have more meaningful conversations with clients you want to serve using marketing and content automation.

Landing and Squeeze Pages

All the web architecture you need to push out high level converting content that grows your list. 

Annual Email Marketing on Autopilot

Everything from holiday emails, market updates, and blog post auto sends, your focus will shift to list growing instead of content confusion.

Automatic Prospect Outreach

One of the most common problems is immediate outreach for new leads coming in. 

A sales process simplified

Whether you generate 10 prospects or 10,000 prospects per month, this sales process scales with you

Running a real estate business is hard

Scaling one is even harder

Let me ask you a question… How much more real estate do you need to sell to hit your “number?” 

If I was speaking to you directly right now, it probably isn’t a crazy high, unachievable number. Am I right?

What is missing?

Some people believe it is marketing. Some would say they need a team. Some may say they need a higher sales price. 

Here is the truth. You probably need it all. BUT.. There is one thing that will supersede all of the above. 


I don’t mean consistency with your calls. Although that needs to happen. What I mean is that every prospect that comes in, is marketed to the same way, every time. 

Have you eaten at Taco Bell before? It doesn’t matter if you buy a bean burrito in San Diego, CA or Tampa, FL, it is going to taste the exact same way. 

Only then, can you scale a business. 

So how is this achieved?

When a lead comes in, they need an email confirmation, an SMS racing out and a phone call. 

Then they need a series of emails asking them to take action. After that they can enter the annual auto pilot nurture. 

We can automate the emails and texts. All you need to handle are the phone calls. 

What if you have 10 lead sources?

Great! This will help!

What if I don’t have a big team?

That is great as well. When you have marketing automation, most agents find they don’t need the agent count they think they do. 

In fact, you’re probably just a few key admin away from tripling your revenue. 

So how do we achieve this?

  • Specific emails based on how the leads come in
  • Instant SMS messages asking for a call
  • 15 Emails over the next 2 weeks encouraging a conversation
  • 24 Holiday Emails over the next 12 months
  • Automatic Blog email marketing to your entire list
  • Market insights email template sent out monthly
  • Landing and Success Website Page templates to drive email registrations

So let me ask you a question…

How many people would you need to add to the campaigns above to double your closing over the next 12 months?

Here is the best part…

We don’t charge any monthly fees for this. 

And for a limited time, we’ll waive the $6,000 implementation fee for you. 

  • We’ll customize all the emails
  • We’ll install the landing pages right on to your website
  • We’ll show you how to integrate your Facebook Lead Ads so the followup happens instantly and automatically

All for less than the price of one month’s admin salary. 

Let’s face it… There are only so many ways you can advertise “new homes for sale in San Diego.” Adding a content strategy that scales your brand and conversion will separate the successful agents from all the rest. 

We do all this with industry agnostic software so you never need to worry about how the changes in the real estate business affect real estate software.

Our tech stack is simple. Keap, Wordpress (Elementor Pro), WPFusion, and Feedbolt. 

We’ll even give you exclusive discounts you can’t get anywhere else. 

If this sounds like the business you want to run, then keep reading…

Have us implement all this for you right now

For a limited time, our time will implement all of this for you and waive the custom $6,000 implementation fee. 

Here is what is included.

  • Landing and Squeeze page template with your branding
  • 24 Email Auto-Pilot holiday campaign
  • Connect your blog posts with auto emails to your list
  • Lead source conversion campaigns for all your lead sources including SMS messaging
  • We’ll set up your Facebook Lead Ads to auto flow into the campaigns
  • Our 2 week, 15 email conversion campaign

What you’ll need to pull this off

  • A Keap Max account. (With us, you’ll get the setup fee waived plus exclusive pricing you can’t get anywhere else)
  • A wordpress website (this can be your primary website or a subdomain)
  • Elementor Pro
  • WPFusion
  • Feedbolt

Just 1 payment of $4,000 $3,000 today with promo code "GET1000" for the founding members including the $6,000 implementation fee waived.

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Powered by Keap

Already a Keap member? Great! If you're not, we'll give you an exclusive link to sign up that waives the contract, setup fee and unlocks an exclusive discount you won't get anywhere else. 

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Keap Screenshot

24 Holiday Emails on Auto Pilot

2 emails per month covering 24 holidays during the next calendar year ensuring your stay in touch with your list without hard selling tactics. 

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Lead Magnet Squeeze and Success Pages

We'll install conversion page architecture so you can launch lead magnet campaigns with ease.

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Real Estate Lead Magnet Page

Lead Conversion emails and SMS for more conversations

We'll handle all the SMS and emails. You'll just need to focus on making the calls. 

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Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 2.38.23 PM

Posting Content that will grow your list

It is one thing to blog, it is another to have a content strategy that grows your list. We'll install and customize blog posts and call to action templates for you that will drive people to want more. 

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All completely in sync with Keap

WPFusion is a powerful app that connects your website with the marketing automation of Keap.

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Meet Steve Olson

As founder of Inbound Fanatics, Steve’s holistic marketing and sales growth experience comes from his success in real estate sales, team and brokerage leadership, and coaching the highest-producing real estate teams and consultants in North America. 

Steve has extensive experience in the tech, real estate, investment, coaching and marketing spaces specially catered to consultant based businesses. 

Steve brings a wealth of online marketing experience in both direct response and funnel strategies. He is a true industry leader with cutting-edge tactics that he shares with teams and also utilizes in his own business every day. 

Are you ready to see if this is a fit for your business?

Schedule a quick call with Steve to see how this can help scale your revenue.